Lovely Lavandin From Down Under!

We are proud to announce that we have our next artisan distiller donation to the EOA Foundation!

Chris Burder of Stone Rise Farm in Australia is going to donate 200ml of lavandin oil and 2 Liters of lavandin hydrosol, distilled on May 6, 2017 so it's really fresh. The hydrosol will sell in 4 oz bottles, and we will offer the oil in 5ml bottles so more people can experience this amazing product from Australia.

His package is in transit from Australia now and we estimate we should have it in Nevada and ready to ship in early June.

Here is the tracking number for the package which can be tracked on the Australian postal site or on our own CY100476486AU if you have an interest in this and want to track the progress of the package. Once received, a sample will be sent to EOU for certification/GCMS analysis and posted here and on the EOA Foundation website.

You can follow Chris on Facebook or on the web at