Stone Rise Farm- Lavandin Essential Oil 10 ml- Lavandula x intermedia 'Sumian'

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People wait all year for Chris Burder's wonderful oils and hydrosols. 

We are the exclusive US supplier of this wonderful Lavandula x intermedia 'Sumian'. This oil is from Stone Rise Farms an artesian distillery. The scent is heavenly and these are the ONLY bottles left of the 2018 harvest!

We are honored to offer this Lavandin from Stone Rise Farm. Join us in celebrating and supporting artisan distillers such as Chris!

Lavandin 'Sumian' Notes:

  •  Initial impression: banana leaf, wet wood over menthol spice - an earthy style of lavender previously unknown.

  •   Top aroma notes: dry bitter herbal (clary sage), balsamic resin, sharp sweet pepper, grass.

  •  Heart aroma notes: metallic sweet tea, green leaf, geranium (strong), wet wood, green banana

Plant Characteristics:

Height / Spread: Medium Shrub (0.85m / 0.8m)
Climate: Cool temperate to semi-arid, full sun, moderately frost- tolerant, drought-tolerant
Flowers: Deep Purple, occurring November - February

Localised Conditions:

Mulching required due to extremes of heat / cold. Stands up fairly well to our extreme weather. Harvest is around mid-January. A good flower yield.


“...Aroma very pungent. 'Grosso' was discovered about 1972
in the Vaucluse district by M. Pierre Grosso (1905-1989) a local
farmer from Goult, a little village near Apt, who had been growing
lavandin since 1931. He found some sturdy lavandin plants in the
middle of deserted fields,made some cuttings and then planted them out on his own land."