About the EOA Foundation

The Essential Oil Analysis Foundation is operated by the Pappas Family, based on an idea first presented by Dr. Robert S. Pappas of Essential Oil University (EOU). His idea was to provide a vehicle for essential oil testing of companies that the public wants to see verified, but at no cost to the consumer; not an easy feat when the normal cost for competent essential oil testing can be hundreds of dollars per sample. The idea being that when there is an organization out there that can test oils and publicly display the results at any time, then companies will be less tempted to sell fake synthetic oils as 100% pure and natural essential oils.


To bring accountability into the industry through competent GC/MS testing made available for free to the consumer based upon availability.

Each time an order is placed with the EOA Foundation the consumer gets to put in a request regarding what company essential oil sample they would like to see tested. We cannot possibly test all of the oils that are requested, but take those requests into consideration. The results of the testing will then be displayed on the website and filed according to the company name. The consumer can then always have a place to go to check on which companies are selling authentic oils and which ones are selling fake oils.

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Pappas Family


Alex Pappas is Dr. Robert Pappas' only son. He has worked for his father in various roles over the last couple of decades while also trying to carve out his own path. Dr. Pappas helped Alex and his wife start EOA to continue to bring accountability to the essential oil industry.

Alex served in the United States Navy for six years and has been a law enforcement office and detective. Alex also sourced for a major MLM company for a couple years traveling to Africa, Europe, and Asia to visit the farms firsthand and ensure quality was superior. He now enjoys working for Essential Oil Analysis and being very “hands-on” with his family while still be being able to provide quality and accountability to the essential oil industry. Alex married his high school sweetheart, Jenny, and they currently live in Clarksville, Tenneesse. Alex and Jenny have one three year old son, Xander, and they have another son on the way in 2023.


Dr. Jenny Pappas is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner and College Professor who has a passion for hollistic care, specifically in women’s health. Jenny has worked alongisde Dr. Pappas in numerous roles over the past ten years to learn about the health benefits of essential oils and CBD Blends. Jenny obtained her Doctorate degree from Indiana State University. She attended Bellarmine University for both her undergraduate and graduate nursing degrees. Jenny is available for health consultations to help you find the best holistic solution to your health aliments. Her true passion is helping individuals feel there best! 


Dr. Robert Pappas is an essential oil Chemist. Rather than raising money for testing through traditional fundraisers, crowdfunding or other means that have become tedious and even annoying to people, Dr. Pappas had an idea that it should be possible to raise money by selling donated oils from artisan distillers as well as analytical testing and research labs who accumulate sellable quantities of oil from their activities. The distillers will benefit from the free advertising that the EOA will give them by announcing their donations and the labs like EOU, who donate research products and retainer samples from analysis customers, will benefit from the foundation hiring them to do more testing. These donated products would then be sold by the foundation and the proceeds used to both run the foundation and pay for testing.

For example, the foundation received its first artisan distiller oil donation from a very high quality but very small producer in Australia and we already have pledges for more donations from distillers in Greece and Bosnia that we will be announcing soon. As for lab donations, EOU, one of the largest essential oil testing labs in the world, analyzes hundreds of essential oil samples a week, sent in from individuals, suppliers and distilleries from all over the world. The retainer samples from these oils usually sit on shelves accumulating for a year or more and then normally get thrown out when more space is needed.

To get an idea of how many samples EOU receives in a year for analysis CLICK HERE for a Facebook post with pictures. Rather than throw these samples away, Dr. Pappas made the proposal of combining the like samples of the good oils that were tested during the prior year, creating one large lot for each oil type that then gets retested and donated to the foundation for sale in small 5ml or 15ml bottles with the GC/MS results of the oils being sold always being released to the public.

EOU also does consulting and pre-production scale distillations on various botanicals, many of which have not yet been brought to market, for various clients who supply the biomass to the EOU lab for testing oil yield and analytical profile. The generated oil from these products rarely gets used and EOU will be donating these oils as well to support the foundation, as they did with a special frankincense oil in a live video feed which started conversation for this entire project - click HERE to view the video. The EOAF will also be using Laboratoire Phytochemia in Canada for essential oil testing as well.