Dr. P's Premium Dark Chocolate Mint CBD Blend (2000mg/30ml)

Dr. P's Premium Dark Chocolate Mint CBD Blend (2000mg/30ml)

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Have you tried the 750 mg/30 ml Dr. P Dark Chocolate CBD Blend and feel like it's not helping your inflammation, pain, insomnia, or anxiety enough? You may need the most potent, innovative, and refined product. 

This premium blend is the most therapeutic CBD Dr. P Blend on the market. This oil is refined by vacuum fractional distillation to remove the unwanted chlorophyll and waxes, producing a smooth, golden oil full profile of actives.  This product is full spectrum and organic. 

Ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD 2000 mg/30 ml, Organic coconut oil, cocoa, peppermint, and vanilla CO2s.

Directions: It is recommended to start with 5-6 drops up to three times per day. Hold solution under your tongue for 60-90 seconds for maximum absorption. 


*Color variance is normal and expected with this product. Shake well prior to use.

*This does taste different than the 750 mg due to higher concentration of hemp.