Everlasting Herzegovina Helichrysum - 15ml

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EOA is taking you around the world  - Join us as we visit the Helichrysum fields of Everlasting Herzegovina!

By now we hope you've had the chance to see Dr. Pappas touring the lovely Helichrysum fields of Bosnia. The distillery at Everlasting Herzegovina is perfect for growing the Helichrysum herb and from growth to harvest to distillation, Everlasting Herzegovina does it all.  Please take a moment to check out and like their Facebook page and the videos posted by Dr.Pappas.  https://www.facebook.com/EverlastingHerzegovina/

This is the best way you can support artisan distillers as they benefit the most when they sell direct to you and since there are no middlemen you get the best price possible for the best quality. 

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